Friday, September 25, 2009

Inglourious Callcenterd

This phone conversation happened a few months ago.

ME : " Hello , I'd like to book an appointment with Dr. X for next Sunday"

LADY 1 : " Sir , would you like an afternoon or a morning slot ?"

ME : "Is afternoon available?"

LADY 1 : " No, sir."

Then this a couple of days later.

ME : "Um , I have an appointment with Dr.X for next Sunday......(etc) Can i reschedule it to Wednesday ?"

LADY 2 : " Wednesday...OK sir. Would you like a morning or afternoon slot ?"

ME : " Afternoon'd be great. Is that available ?"

LADY 2 : "No,sir"

Obviously , customer is king , customer choice queen and reading out from your Customer Service training manual algorithm an absolute God. Sweet !

And then this one happened today :

ME : "Hello, I'd like to book two tickets for Inglourious Basterds , 9PM , at X "

LADY 3 : ".......(details , etc)....Sir ,can i have your last name ? "

(Five minutes getting that it in)

LADY 3 : "And your first name , sir"

ME : " Bhaskar. That's B-H-A-S..."

LADY 3 (cuts in) : " B-H-A-S-T-E-R-D , sir ?"

We covered the bit about reading out from the movie list as being an absolute God ? Well, she did need to sound a whole lot brighter for me to attribute anything more to it than that. Or at least so i hope !

Stranger and more inglourious things can happen on a phone call than Herr Furher melting into his swastika in a cinema hall fire.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Status Quo Vadis (or - What's On Your Mind ?)

Sorry , i can't write this post. As i have to go update my Facebook status to say i can't write this post.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Love Minus Zero / No Limit (When not on song)

You've probably not heard of Ennuienthusiasts.That's a cutting edge- Sociology term for people who are so put out by the pace and excitement of our modern day life that they actively pursue boredom. It's a phenomenon that social scientists are uncovering across an entire gamut of activities.
Its cricketing manifestation is radical. It started off at first with a marked preference for low scoring games . It has since evolved into a demand for no scoring games. The winner is whoever loses fewer wickets . For example :
--> Team A : 0/0 after 50 overs - beat - Team B : 0/1 after 50 overs
Ennuienthusiasts can't seem to get enough of sitting through an entire day of cricket watching no runs being scored off 100 overs . Things went into extremes last week at a club game when a bowler had the misfortune of bowling a no ball. Which caused a run to get scored.
Rioting almost ensued.
Almost . But not quite , of course - as that would have meant excitement.
PS : as for the word "Ennuienthusiast", I wouldn't look it up in a dictionary. Not even a cutting edge -Sociology one.