Sunday, July 13, 2014

Uptalk ? ( #That'swhatshesaid? )

I met a teenager the other day ? She didn't look up from her phone ? I don't blame her ? It was probably the weight of the earphones ?

I asked how she was doing ? And she said : "Hashtag whatever? Hashtag that'swhatshesaid?"

'Hashtag' I get ? Like, a couple of generations ago kids used to be like totally  into hash? And now they're like totally into hashtag ? I get it ?

But  'that's what she said ?'

That's what WHO said?

Turns out 'that's what she said' is a way to turn anything into a sexual joke ? It began like that and now   teens say it anyway to complete their sentences ? It's one more way of using their mouth ?  Like hashtag chewing hashtag gum ? That's what she said ?

OK so now apparently 'TWSS' peaked a couple of years ago? So this girl feels really,like,old ? Like 18? She's old ? That's what she said ?

I read about 'Uptalk' today ? You can read about it here ?

Hashtag whatever ?  

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lord Meghnad Desi

How does M. Desai , a Londoner who lives in Times Now
Manage the feat of being both in the UK and India somehow ?
While it may well be the enduring ties of the umbilical cord
I still think it's  very omnipresent on the part of the Lord.

(Disclaimer : This post is just for a little bit of a giggle. No malice or disrespect in any form or manner intended towards Lord Desai)