Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ink is mightier than the sword

Shri Subroto Roy alias Sahara Shree 
Was assaulted ere he could flee.
Before the ink had  dried on the case
Yo Yadav got some on his face
And of course well before it all 
Was the smearing of Kejriwal. 

The rallying cry these heady days I think 
Is that the sword is weaker than ink 

(c) Bhaskar Khaund

(NOTE : As of date I support the Aam Aadmi Party and any other new party that shares the politics they represent in India. However , neither this blog nor this post has anything to do with either my political views or with politics in general. This is strictly for a laugh and in the spirit of fun. It should not be misconstrued in any other way)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Whyrus Virus ?

What led to this abrupt awakening so late
Of a virus ancienter than Cyrus The Great ?

Perhaps, bored stiff under subterranean ice,
It thought a microscope would be nice.

It doesn't know the internet nor Justin Bieber
Deprived for 30,000 years without amoeba

It looks odd , somewhat like the footprint of a yeti
(Not that anybody's seen a yeti, not even a Veti)

The virus' non-virulence comes as a relief
Although I'd still culture a germ of disbelief 

Are we sure that this little old Rip Van Winkle 
Is incapable of causing a crinkle or a wrinkle ?

Mind. You don't want to get too close or thick !
An infection could get you feeling very Jurasick.

("30,000 year old giant virus comes back to life")

(C) Bhaskar Khaund