Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Monet (A Floydian Slip)

Monet !
Get away.
Get a good job with more paint
And you're okay.

Monet !
It's a gas.
Grab that brush with both hands
And make a splash.

New car, caviar, Four Star daydream
I think I'll buy me a painting.

Monet !
Get black.
JPEG's alright Jack
Just keep your hands off my Mac.

Monet !
He's a hit.
He don't do none that
DIY toolkit.

I need a high-fidelity first class "Cliffs Of Etretat"
I think what you've got is a photosta'

Monet !
It's a crime.
Spare him fairly
From all that Tie & Dye.

Monet !
So they say
Is not on the anvil today
And if you ask why
Well it's no surprise :
He's long passed away

Away ! Away !
Away ! Away !

('In 1926'?'Yes absolutely in the right'.'I was certainly in the right',etc.)