Monday, December 31, 2007

New Era ..... - Known Era

As my friend rightly put it , this is a New Era of Indian cricket. After all , not only did we did beat Pakistan at home after more than twenty years but also did it in style : beating one of the strongest Pak teams ever boasting such living legends of the game as Yasir Hamid , Salman Butt , Mohammed Sami , Sohail Tanveer and Yasir Arafat.
I think the other difference is that in the past one could predict Indian defeats with perfect certainity. One can't anymore. Take the first Oz test at Melbourne.
These were my predictions at the end of Day One :
- India crashing to a first innings score of 250
- Australia piling on 450 by lunch in their second innings
- Australia wrapping up the match by morning of Day Five.
And these were the actual outcomes :
- India crashed to a first innings score of 196
- Australia made only around 250 odd by lunch in their second innings
- Australia wrapped up the match on Day Four
I got it so completely wrong.
Didn't have to eat humble pie for breakfast though. Thankfully , there were steaming idlis and appams from the Mallu joint downstairs to go with the post-match ceremony.
Happy New , i mean Year. Have a great 2008 !

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Famous Laugh Words

- Synergy

- Holistic

- Strategic imperative

- Paradigm / Paradigm Shift

- Talent

- Solutions

- Quality Time

- In the business of / Not in the business of

Do add in a few more. I’m sure you've heard plenty more of the type.

As for me , I have to go and tend to the plumbing –er,beg pardon ,I mean Bathroom Solutions. The plumber – sorry , and I do mean Bathroom Solutions Manager - did a rather shoddy job, not perhaps spending much quality time on it. I never really used to get much into these things but I take a more holistic approach these days. You could say it’s a paradigm shift in synergy with today’s strategic imperatives. Still , I hope the Solutions Provider company find another talent to replace this guy . After all , I am not in the business of providing solutions to problems arising from solutions provided by Solutions Providers.


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The influence of modern art on existentialist writing

Was Kafka’s K the first Cubist? Was Sartre’s Matheau an allegorical depiction of Picasso's Guernica ? Was Camus’ The Plague a lateral interpretation of Dali’s timepieces ?

Today we shall begin on a journey of inquiry : an examination of the influence of modern art on existentialist writing.

Having begun , as I haven’t an inkling what I’m talking about , we shall proceed no further.