Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The misadventures of Sherlock Holmes - 3

(Readers old enough may recall the case of the Emerald murders and the ripples they caused in the highest , most exalted Diplomatic circles all across Europe in the year 188- . What is not known is the singular role that Holmes played in solving the case. Indeed, the affair was cloaked in such delicate secrecy that many of the principal players themselves were unaware of the fact.)

I recall it was a cold and foggy morning in the summer of 188- and we were at breakfast when a telegram arrived for Holmes. Holmes had been distracted and keeping to himself of late. He was often confined for days on end within his room. At other times he would lie upon the couch gazing vacantly at the ceiling and smoking his pipe. A silent restlessness betrayed his passive demeanor as he frequently enquired after the mail.

A nervous storm was clearly brewing and it was liable to break in any short matter of time. I knew that the precipitation of a fresh case to consume the energies of this remarkable man was imminent.

Little did I know, however, of how significant, grave and fateful a case it would be in deciding the fate of an entire continent

The storm broke with the arrival of the telegram.

Having abandoned all pretence at eating breakfast Holmes hurriedly read through the note. Every word read seemed to add to the weight of its import. A grave and feverish excitement was much in evidence as Holmes leaped to his feet and cried:

“Your bags, my good Watson! Pack your bags at once! For we have such travel to embark upon as brooks no delay. Make haste, my dear Doctor. To Paddington. At once!”

As it happened, I was scheduled to watch a new Quentin Tarantino film that very afternoon; I could not possibly miss it. I had also planned on a tranquil morning of leisure to precede the show and was seized with no great enthusiasm to upset that plan.

“My dear Holmes”, I replied carefully as I speared the excellent bacon “I fear it is not within the orbit of my good fortune to embark upon this journey and partake of the delightful adventures it no doubt has in store for you. I hope that you pardon my absence. I wish you good luck.”

I played no further part in the adventure. Truth be told, I was unable to even follow up. As I recall, a commitment with the Greenpeace movement had taken up much of my time around that period.

And that is why you, dear reader, will not read about the Emerald murders.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The misadventures of Sherlock Holmes - 2

“Ah Ms Bedford, but this case bestows upon me the most hideous disappointment of having to turn it down” said Holmes.

It was on a cold and foggy afternoon that Ms. Bedford had graced our abode at 221B Baker Street. She had come in with a case that had baffled everybody - that being the case Holmes had just turned down.

“But why Mr. Holmes?” enquired a visibly disappointed Ms. Bedford

“I confess, Madam, that I do not believe I possess such ability as is required to solve it”, said Holmes with what perhaps I alone recognized as a trace of sheepishness.

“Oh Mr. Holmes, I must admit to a feeling of disappointment. I had intended to offer you the consideration of 100,000 sterling pounds for the kind favour of solving this case.” said this beautiful daughter of a wealthy baronet.

Holmes’ eyes lit up.

He said: “Perhaps I can offer a violin rendition of Bach’s Partita in D Minor for a quarter of that sum? Or some Haydn perhaps?”

This offer having drawn a vacant stare from its recipient, Holmes added breathlessly, with a touch of desperation almost: “I shall be glad to throw in a deduction or two as to the state of the weather next week. At no extra cost, of course”

Saturday, July 12, 2008

So whats going on then ?

Who's withdrawing support ? Who's extending support ? Who's considering extending support ?

Umm, who is Support ?

Where lives ? What likes ? When eats ? How sings ?

Why are they withdrawing him and extending him ? And considering extending him ? Have they got his permission ?

It's all very confusing.

My scale of understanding on this whole thing is less than atomic.

It's electronic.

How about a new clear deal ?