Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Burning Love (Fish with mine please)

In Punjab , India , a love song on TV recently provoked a woman into burning herself as proof of her love for her husband. Sequence of events :
- Love song on TV
- Wife : “Oh I love you sooo much”
- Husband : “How much ? Show me !”
- Wife pours kerosene on herself and proceeds to set herself aflame

I can well imagine a variation on this – as follows :
- Love song on TV
- Wife : “Oh I love you sooo much”
- Husband : : “How much ? Show me !”
- Wife pours kerosene on her husband and proceeds to set him aflame

The following would be a good middle ground :
- Love song on TV
- Wife : “Oh I love you sooo much”
- Husband : : “How much ? Show me !”
- Wife : "I’ll make you some nice fish curry."
- Wife proceeds to kitchen

Yum !

Sunday, February 17, 2008

It really was his day

It was Valentine’s day.

He woke up that morning and it was from the right side of his bed.

The sun was up. The sky was blue. There were birds chirping. The one bird that had planned on not chirping had quite forgotten the plan.

Valentine hummed a merry tune as he showered.
“I think it’s going to be my day”, thought Valentine .

At breakfast , the eggs were done just right and the coffee was perfect.

Valentine set out for work. He switched on the car radio and lo ! it was playing his favourite song. A black cat was about to cross Valetine’s path but decided against it.
(Black cat : “Heck , I have eight other lives to do it , pal Val. You go right ahead”)

A message from the government was waiting when Valentine arrived at work :
“Dear Valentine , we thought this might be your day. (Signed) The Government ”. Valentine was very pleased.

Another message arrived soon after from the Finance ministry :
“Dear Valentine , we were planning to impose a 40% Day Ownership Tax but ran out of ink. (Signed) The Finance Ministry”. Valentine was very pleased.

Valentine spent a pleasant morning at work. Then his boss gave him the afternoon off
(Boss : “That’s the way this blog post goes , Valentine”)

Valentine spent the afternoon at the movies. There was a promotion on and the popcorn came with a free coke. The coke was chilled to just the right temperature ! A pretty girl went up to Valentine and said : “You’re adorable !” .

She gave him a Hallmark card that said : “ I think it’s your day ”. Valentine was very pleased.

Valentine got home and what should be for dinner but his favourite roast ! Valentine sighed with pleasure. It was with a happy smile on his face that Valentine went to bed for a refreshing night’s sleep. And why not ! Don’t you just wish you’d checked with him before buying that stock ?