Friday, December 9, 2011

Perfect Strangers.

You book flight tickets online.Transaction done you realize that you should have entered the promotion code for a discount.You're at this counter the next day to buy advance tickets for a film festival.You pay up ,collect your tickets,begin to walk.


You turn around to confirm that a few free passes you've got need to be redeemed just before each screening.No sir , the young lady says , you could have done it right here and why didn't you tell me before paying.You ask if the purchase could not be cancelled.

But you know the answer already.No indeed sir , they could not.

Later walking out in the mellow sunshine you contemplate some. The rich get richer , the poor get poorer.

The unlikely-to-ever-be-rich get bicycles for their fish.

At rip-off prices too no doubt.

What really enhances the quality of your reflection at this point though is remembering that your frequent flyer card was offering a one paid-one free promotion for this festival.

Money and you : this line is probably the closest you've ever been to each other. Or ever likely to be !