Sunday, June 29, 2008

The continuing misadventures of Sherlock Holmes - 1

It was on a cold and foggy afternoon that Mrs. Hudson presented us with the visiting card of a Mr. J.L.Seagull. No sooner had she done so than Mr. Seagull himself rushed into our apartment at 221 B Baker Street in a state of utmost agitation.

“Mr. Sherlock Holmes? I can barely state the despair that has provoked this uninvited visit, Sir but you must understand ….”

“Ah! Let me see now.” Holmes cut in. “ You have lived in India , no doubt in the Khyber where you served for a few stable if undistinguished years. You are currently stationed in London. You own a modest trading establishment and your wife helps with the accounts. I see also that your taste in tobacco runs to Virginia although you are not very particular as regards the make of your pipe.”

“I could not claim these observations to be true, Mr. Holmes”, said a visibly disappointed Mr. Seagull “For I am a bachelor and have lived in Surrey all my life. I am employed as a postal clerk with Living Living Living & Living. As to my taste in tobacco, it runs to nothing if it runs to anything at all, Sir, for I do not smoke.”

“Confound it - not again ! Oh well, I tried . . .”, I heard Holmes mutter under his breath.